Training Seminar 8 - TARGET

Case Study Site: Western Melbourne, Victoria

Recorded on Wednesday 6 May 2020 | 12:30pm AEST


TARGET is an urban heat island model, which possesses faster runtimes and a simplified algorithm set in comparison to other microclimate models, enabling it to quickly analyse air temperature at the neighbourhood to precinct scale (see here for more information). As part of the Scenario Tool’s official release of the TARGET module, this training seminar will focus on the capabilities of TARGET and demonstrate the use of the module with an example case study.


We will use the Western Melbourne case study as the example for the session. You can find the associated training material here, which contains a guide on how to model the case study using the Scenario Tool’s TARGET module, as well as a description of the outputs and suggestions for other modelling permutations.


The method of initially creating a project has changed slightly from the previous TARGET training seminar – you now have the option of specifying the source of the baseline data that the modelling builds off of, as well as a simple or advanced setup procedure. In this instance, select the Geoscape data option, and then the simple setup process.